-August 2018
It's late summer, and amazingly after a few years of one-in, one-out, the shop is clearing out a bit (though it doesn't look it). We actually have three open berths, so it's not a bad time to think about any work or repairs you've been putting off! Get in touch with us sooner than later, and you might even get your boat back in time to enjoy fall on the water!

-March 2016
It's been almost a year since we last updated our site, and we've been very busy (obviously too busy to update the site! That, and I've given up any pretence around my will or ability to code). In August we moved into a great new space in the Toronto's meat packing district (St.Clair+Weston – Map). Naturally, it's a work in progress, but there is a lot more usable space and it's closer to home, too!
We're busy with a few repairs: a storm-damaged rowing skiff ; a classic canoe from Simpson's department store; a beautiful Peterborough cedar strip is in for a full restoration; we're slowly but surely making way on a Peterborough "Sportsman" 14.5" row boat; and there a few more in the pipeline.
Kilcoo Camp will get two new Tripping canoes, and repairs to a 16.5' Kieser that was kindly donated by the Caroll family. We'll also be on site for general fleet maintenance in late April.
There's always a few other projects in the mix (like this Custom Kilcoo and Spalted Maple paddle , but that's all for now. Check back often for photo updates - thanks for visiting!

-May 2015
Spring is finally here, and as usual we have a lot going on in and out of the shop: three private comissions for "Kilcoos", plus four new builds for Kilcoo Camp itself; we'll be on-site for two weeks at Taylor Statten Camps to finish the repairs to their sailboat fleet that began last fall; a week at Kilcoo in June to look over their composite fleet; and a few private repairs as well. So lot's do! Check back often for photo updates - thanks for visiting!

-January 2015
Happy New Year! GLBW is pretty excited to be entering its seventh year of operation. I never thought we'd make it this long! So far, we've built 31 custom canoes (20 for Kilcoo camp), performed 40 major repairs to wood and wood composite boats, and saved over 50 composite canoes and sailboats. We've also been lucky to have worked with some great designers from the M+Dc collective and Cabin Crafted. After the short video "Adam's Rib" by film makers Penn&Panache, GLBW has appeared in over a dozen on-line and physical publications, like Cottage Life, CanoeKayak.com, and - most recently - in the tenth issue of Arts & Crafts & Design Magazine. GLBW is also pleased to be a part of The Craft and the Makers: Tradition with Attitude, a lovely hardcover book released recently by Gestalten.
Not too bad for six short years, huh?
With two customs and five repairs on the go, and time at Kilcoo Camp and Taylor Statten Camps already booked for April and May, we are looking forward to another busy year! Again, we also have exclusive access to restore and sell the antique fleet of a private collector. All the hulls are in great shape, and if you want a real classic much more information is availble upon request.
Lastly, we've finally got most of our website issues repaired so check back often as we will be adding more content as time allows.
That's all for now. Thanks for stopping by, Friends!

-December 2014
If you are looking for a truly unique canoe, GLBW is excited to have been given exclusive access to restore and sell the antique fleet of a private collector who has decided to liquidate part of his inventory. A Peterborough "Champlain" (high-end) 16' is the first boat we've taken. The results of a 2013 collaboration with the same collector can be seen in this Lakefield cedar strip. Please contact us if you have interest in any of these wonderful rare canoes.
Thanks for stopping by, Friends!

-October 2014
It's been a busy start to the fall! We've been up in Algonquin Park repairing sailboats for Taylor Statten Camps. While there, Marc was interviewed by the Italian magazine Mestieri d'Arte e Design (Arts & Crafts & Design). Both Italian and English editions of the magazine are published bi-annually by Swan Group with the Cologni Foundation for the Métiers d'Art, an Italian non-profit, private foundation whose aim is to promote and protect the finest artisanal activities, in Italy and abroad. Every issue is dedicated to a selection of craftsmen and women, designers, companies with an artisanal heart, museums of applied arts, schools of arts and crafts, etc. to give to readers a meaningful insight in these multi-faceted worlds.

GLBW will also be appearing in the new book, The Craft and the Makers: Tradition with Attitude, which is available now from Gestalten Books.

We will also be heading back to Kilcoo Camp to refinish the first generation of their new fleet. Hard to believe it's already been six years!

Otherwise, we're gearing up for a busy winter, with several repairs already on the docket and hopefully a few customs, too! Don't be disappointed in the spring – call us if you need repairs! Or, if you're looking for something special we have reconnected witha private collector of unique and antique wooden boats. Let us know and we'll get you in contact.

Of course, we are still updating and improving the site as Gregor Karout of Excelsior Industries works to fix all the code glitches.

Thanks for stopping by, True Believers! Check back often….

-August 2014
As you can see we're still in the process of updating our site so please excuse any glitches while we add more galleries and content.
Summer has been a bit slow, which has given some needed time to restock and improve the shop, and to work on some non-commissioned projects, like the custom "Cherry Bomb."
We have also reconnected with design collective M+Dc and look forward to prototyping some new designs in the fall. Thanks!

-April 2014
It's been over a year since we last updated the site, so please excuse any glitches while we add more galleries and information. Thanks, and check back often!

-February 2013
A tad late, but Happy New Year!
2012 was an outstanding year for us at GLBW and 2013 looks even more promising.
Besides four new hulls for Kilcoo Camp, we'll be repairing the majority of its composite canoes, as well as repairs to the Algonquin War Canoe, "Leviathan."
We also plan on continuing repairs for YMCA Camp Queen Elizabeth, and we currently have two private repairs gearing up to be finished by late spring, a ninety year-old Canadian Canoe Company 17', and a beautiful Lakefield Cedar Strip 17'.
Hooking up with design collective M+Dc was both a critical and popular success. The project was featured in the National Post, and the M+Dc show during the Toronto Design Offsite Festival won a Herman Miller award for Best Exhibition, a Juror Object award, and two Designlines Love Tags. As such, it looks good that GLBW be doing a very exclusive limited run of Maïwenn Castellans's Ash-armed floor lamp and Derek McLeod's Ash armchair (check out the M+Dc website for more information). Congratulations to all the designers and manufacturers involved, and especially to founder Kate Tessier for making it all happen.
Okay. That's it for now. Thanks for checking in. Seeya soon.

-September 2012 GLBW has been invited to participate in the M+Dc Project, the aim of which is to unite local manufacturers and designers in a new way to produce goods for the local marketplace. M+Dc intends to encourage growth in local design and production in a sustainable process. Much more information on the M+Dc website.

-July 2012
GLBW was happy to travel to Beausoleil Island near Honey Harbour, Ontario, to begin work on YMCA Camp Queen Elizabeth’s 26’ and 32’ North canoes, originally made by Voyaguer Canoes. Repairs will continue next spring. You can see the progress here.

May 2012
Documentarians Penn & Panache (James Arthurs and Cam Roden, both professional filmmakers) spent over a month in the GLBW shop, capturing the creation of a new canoe and subjecting me to ruthless interrogation tactics during multiple interviews, all so that you can watch it in hi-definition digital. This piece is the first in their Livlihood series, wherein P&P set out tell the stories behind the activities that compel us. So, if you like "Adam's Rib" be sure to check out more of their work on Vimeo and on their forthcoming website.

GLBW always welcomes repair work, and we are currently accepting custom work orders for Summer 2016.

For information on either custom work or repairs please contact us by e-mail: info@glbw.ca, or by phone: 647-454-GLBW (4529).